Day One, the beginning

Homewood Music

Tools of the trade

This is a felted wool bushing material.  I have three uses for this material.  I believe it comes from England although I have a US supplier. 

I use the bushing felt in the bottom of the holes cut into the actionboard to receive the buttons.  they give the buttons a nice firm, yet cushioned feel.  The buttons are entirely surrounded by the felt and touch nothing else in the instrument.

These are the springs and levers I make here in the shop for the concertinas I build.  Not available in any store!

I use to bend them by hand: 

That was slow. 

Now I have built  a spring makinging gizmo:

It is slow as well.

Can't buy the buttons either, they are cut one at a time on a miniature lathe.

I typically use 1/4" Delrin for my buttons.  Delrin has very little friction, is light and machines nicely.  I make concertinas with brass buttons as well. See

First step completed

 I jig up a #3 centre drill to cut a chamfered hole in each button.  I usually break two or three so I cut a few extra just in case.

they look like this.

Tedrow Concertinas

A method of installing felt bushings in concertina buttons.

Bob Tedrow Homewood Music

3027 Central Ave; Birmingham, Alabama 35209

205 879-4868 (43757 bytes) (44855 bytes) Choose an appropriate bushing material, this is  english woven bushing felt available from piano supply houses.Cut the felt to a width that will fit the inside of the button exactly, leaving a space for the lever arm to move freely.  Cut a tapered leading end

Bushing felt is available in several thicknesses.  This example is about .040"

Thread the tapered leading end into the hole in the button, if you cut the felt to the correct size and have purchased felt of the proper thickness, it will curl to fit the inside of the button leaving a neat hole for the lever arm. (29475 bytes) (46650 bytes) String up the entire set of buttons
Snip the buttons apart with a pair of sturdy shears (31282 bytes) (35538 bytes) (54796 bytes) (45830 bytes)

End of day 9
Day 10