An unedited photo essay

Tedrow Concertinas
Homewood Music
Homewood Alabama

If a picture is worth a thousand words, we will have quite a novel when I am done with this concertina.   I am building a custom Tedrow Zephyr 30 button Anglo Concertina for a customer.  Click on the link to see what it will pretty well look like when I am finished in many many days.  I intend on "Twittering" this job as I go.    I hope you enjoy the progress and don't get bored.  I will try to keep it light.  I will try (no promises) to get some of the job up every week day.

This is what the concertina will look like after near two weeks of effort

OK, roll up your sleeves, get the eye proection out and the dust mask we go.

Not too much excitement here.  I start with big pieces of wood.  This concertina will be made of birdseye maple.  I usually use mahogany, my favorite wood, but now and then I get a special order and I am happy to oblige
This will be the top of the concertina.  It will be a book matched top and be very pretty when completed.  Big clamps aren't they?

I love hide glue, don't you?  Once you get control of the glue/water content and learn how to use it you will find it a very reliable glue.  I hear that the glue pot in the next frame has been discontinued, I hate to hear that.  I you have one and don't like to use hide glue, I would like to have your old glue pot.  Call me.
Believe me when I say that this is my finest piece of precision equipment.  This thick piece of plate glass is very handy.  You see here, I have lightly glued  a piece of sand paper to the top of the glass.  Not just any darn sandpaper either.  I like to use Norton 3X made in Canada.  It really cuts 3 times faster and lasts 3 times longer than brand X.  I have no stock in the company either.  I can really make some dead flat joints with this set up.
Here I am vigorously attacking my book matched maple top with my Lie-Nielsen plane.  You can see my bandsaw blade has a hitch in its git along.  I had to apply some real elbow grease to get the riffles out.  Why don't I use my perfectly good electric surfacer?  I don't know, stop bothering me.
   At least I will get both ends done at the same time

Still working.  Not very romantic is it?
These pieces of wood will comprise the sides of the concertina.  The piece in the middle is basswood for the bellows frames.  It is light and sturdy enough for the job.  It will be covered with leather eventually.  That is good because basswood is not very sexy.  All the pieces have to be the same size, so I clamp them together and run them through the joiner. 
Here I am laying out the sides of the concertina.  Basswood in the middle, maple on either end.
I have had those dividers for 30 years, mercy.
Side rough cut.  Now I set the saw blade at the proper angle to make a six sided concertina.  I have made six sided, four sided, eight sided and 12 sided concertinas.  Don't ask me to make another 12 sided concertina.
Well, now.  doesn't that look more like a concertina?  I usually fuss with this job quite a bit.  All the sides have to line up nicely.

That's enough for today. Not much progress you say?  In my defense here I do run a retail shop at the same time.  I have  some customers and many loafers who drop by to visit.  Some bring coffee.  That is a hint.