Short film: watch and hear the new concertina!

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Tedrow Concertinas
Homewood Music


OK, a short description of a tedious little job that turns this collection of parts into a musical instrument.
First, the reeds are installed, and checked for sticky valves and any mechanical problems.  Then the pitch of each reed is recorded on a chart along with notes about timbre, speed of reed etc.

Then each reed is removed and placed in the tuning jig.  I use a very nice program on my MAC,
 Peterson Strobo-Soft  (I still keep my Conn Strobe tuner on the bench)

I have a negative vacuum source that provides a constant flow of air over the reeds in the  tuning jig.

Each reed is filed carefully to the proper pitch and then reinstalled.

Then I record the pitch of each reed again and repeat the process.

and then I do it again.

film clip