Day 11

day 1

Tedrow Concertinas
Homewood Music

Here I am installing the bushings for the buttons.  This is a spiral cut reamer, very nice tool.  The drill  press must run   v e r y  slow here.  I have botched a good number of concertina tops with this procedure.   Some woods cut nicely, mahogany and maple.  some woods want to grab the reamer.

Ready to install the bushings

I buy this material at Hancock fabrics.  "buckrum"  maybe?  It is a very stiff mesh of cotton.

After the material is cut to size, it is tinted to match the finish I have applied to the concertinas

space is cut out for the buttons.

Logo installed, mesh installed

Handrests are cut next

Bushings are ironed in with a heated mandrel the same size as the delrin stock.  The two whippets, Thomas and Niles in the are my constant companions.  Yesterday  Thomas ate my lunch while I was waiting on a customer.

Here we are looking ever more like a concertina.

Handrest cut, drilled for threaded brass inserts and ready for finishing.

Locating the holes for 2/56 screws to hold the reeds in place.

Holes drilled

Reeds installed

This looks like a concertina, but it is not a musical instrument quite yet.  All the reeds must be set and tuned. 

That will be the final installment of  this series.  I may not get to it for a couple days.  Hang in there.

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