Concertina Shaped Object


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Tedrow Concetinas

 Below, you can see all the springs are missing and must be replaced.  Most of the pads are delaminating and there is considerable insect damage.Bellows will need patching.  Reeds are tuned to old pitch and are vary from 25cents to 35 cents off.  Leather valves need replaced.

On the good side, the casework looks ok, the reeds are original are not too rusty.

Rubber tubing....I would not have though of that myself.  We should have wire springs here.

The bellows are in poor condition and  will require patching at the least

This is the molted skin of a carpet beetle.  They eat wool from the pads.  Pads will need to be replaced

Most of the leather valves are warped and will need replaced.  The concertina is in old pitch

insect damage