Henry Harley inspired 30 button C/G Anglo Concertina

  Bob Tedrow
, Homewood Music, Birmingham, Alabama

Original Harley concertinas are modest instruments by contemporary standards, but significant because they represent a genre of instruments most often played by musicians of modest income in the 19th century.

The Tedrow Harley uses contemporary construction methods, traditional Italian reeds, leather bellows and a 30 button format.

Equal temperament tuning
quarter comma meantone tuning

To quote an advertisement in the  London "Musical Times" of  October 1, 1865

"CONCERTINAS EXTRAORDINARY Harley's Celebrated Concertinas with German fingering and very broad notes (vibrators), made entirely by hand, will stand any amount of hard wear, seldom get out of order or require tuning.  They are made to order and tuned to any required pitch.  Henry Harley practical tuner, maker and repairer.  20 Castle-Street. City-Road, Finsbury"