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Available now:
  • Tedrow Concertina in Curly Koa    
  • Clover Special Anglo $2400.00 
  • Hohner Compadre three row accordion
  • Early Hohner Corona ll Germany $1400 used
  • New Hohner Corona ll in stock
  • Hohner Panther in stock
  • Hohner Cajun IV in stock
  • Various used Italian piano accordion typically available
  • Hohner Double Ray Irish button accordionca 1960 almost mint. $895
  • Rochelle Anglo Concertinas with custom set up and adjustment $650, enquire

  • Gallery of my old creations

     Henry Harley 1865 reproduction concertina
  • NEW Wherein I demonstrate a Tedrow 40 Button Anglo in G/D
  • Standard  Tedrow Anglo Concertina
  • mahogany with amboyna veneer, goat bellows
  • Tobacco Sunburst 2009
  • Blue  Sunburst Tedrow Anglo 2009
  • Tedrow English Concertina 2009
  • Hayden Duet 2009 series
  • Hayden Duet 2010
  • g/d Walnut in meantone temperment
  • Tedrow Old Time Dandy Square Anglo Concertina
  • Hand cut metal end option
  •  33 Button G/D Anglo   see the MOVIE
  • Tedrow Black and Tan anglo Concertina
  • 30 button c/g in Rosewood, brass buttons, green bellows, gold tooling
  •  Amber sunburst Birdseye Maple C/G
  •  Button Anglo Curly Maple green sunburst
  • Bb/F Aeola Tobacco Sunburst 8 fold bellows
  • Sunburst Hayden Duet
  • G/D Tedrow Anglo with Lachenal fretwork (sound clips)
  • Fretless Concertinas!
  • Zephyr 30b 
  • Zephyr2
  • Burled Maple Aeola 
  • Red Leather Amboyna veneer
  •  Tobacco Sunburst Aeola 
  • Rosewood g/d with brown bellows
  •  Flamed Maple Jeffries Anglo
  •  aeola style burled maple with matching case
  •  Tedrow Hayden Duet Concertina 
  •  Miniature Tedrow Concertinas 
  • Tedrow "Stealth" concertina
  • Custom mini with amboyna
  • Tedrow Black with Brass 
  • Black with brass 2005 model
  • Jeffries style anglo
  • Rosewood with Jeffries fretwork
  • Jeffries style 31 button; bushed buttons
  • Jeffries fretwork with gold finished bellows
  • Mahogany with amboyna veneer
  •  30 Button Baritone Aeola
  • Click here for a sample MP3 of Tedrow Baritone Anglo
  • 30 Button Baritone in Aeola with cherry handrests;
  • Tedrow Aeola lacquer finish in Mahogany
  • Tedrow 31 button aeola mahogany with bird's eye maple
  • The Alexandra Tedrow model Anglo

  • Propaganda

    a very nice article from the Wall Street Journal Photo essay

    useless CSO (Concertina-Shaped Object) turned respectable Restoration of a Salvation Army concertina

    How to build a Tedrow Concertina....stem to stern...a photo essay

    how to install bellows papers

      local Television spot......we're famous (locally, anyway)

    Customer comment "Blog"

  • Detail of custom fretwork
  • Articles, Letters,Photos,Interviews, Video clips, and Soundbites

  • Bellows making explored
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