A proceedure for installing bellows papers
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I have tried lots (and LOTS) of adhesives.  A vinyl acetate polymer emulsion works best for me.  Water soluble before it dries clear.  Will stick to lacquered surfaces and does not peel off.  Useful for older instruments with an accumulation of gradoo, groat and mocus.
 place a pea sized bead on the back of the paper

Use your finger like a squeegie, spread the glue over the back of the paper
Pay no attention to the warning label.  I have been using this for years with no ill effexs, hddiosa3249832#$% , te d d

Use some tweezers to hold the paper and place it on the appropriate place on the bellows

Use a damp rag to remove any excess glue before it dries.  Try to get it straight, barring that, consistent.  You have a brief window to reposition.