A correction for loose strap adjusters on Stagi concertinas

Bob Tedrow Homewood Musical

The screws used to secure the strap adjusters on stagy concertinas are short wood screws that frequently loosen on older instrument (and new ones, right Jay?)

Attempting to correct the problem by screwing the wood screws back into place is a temporary fix.   A solution is to replace the wood screws with a small bolt that runs through the hand rest.

http://hmi.homewood.net/adjuster/mvc-024s.jpg (33592 bytes)
remove the old wood screws
First gather the following tools and supplies:

1. a couple of   bolts about 8/10 of an inch long small enough to go through the existing holes in the sheet metal strap adjuster.  You will need two washers and the correct nut as well.

2. a drill bit a few thousands of an inch larger than your bolt.

3. correct screwdriver.


http://hmi.homewood.net/adjuster/mvc-023s.jpg (19999 bytes)
http://hmi.homewood.net/adjuster/mvc-025s.jpg (27946 bytes) Select a bolt that will go through the strap adjuster with ease.


http://hmi.homewood.net/adjuster/mvc-032s.jpg (20871 bytes)

http://hmi.homewood.net/adjuster/mvc-026s.jpg (32035 bytes) http://hmi.homewood.net/adjuster/mvc-027s.jpg (32966 bytes)
I use a hand drill, that makes my mistakes slower and easier to stop. drill all the way through the handle
http://hmi.homewood.net/adjuster/mvc-028s.jpg (37213 bytes) place the bolt and washers throught the handle and the strap adjuster
http://hmi.homewood.net/adjuster/mvc-030s.jpg (43105 bytes) http://hmi.homewood.net/adjuster/mvc-029s.jpg (41027 bytes)




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